Many males are diagnosed with ADHD at an early age. However, females are often overlooked.

Females with ADHD often exhibit different symptoms than males and go overlooked by parents, teachers and professionals.


Many times, the ADHD female find that they are often people pleasers. They are more withdraw and have the desire to be “perfect”. You may see ADHD females as loud talkers or talking a lot to friends, but not adults outside the home. They get frustrated because people won’t be able to understand their thinking. ADHD females tend toward seeing the bigger picture. They are not detail oriented and often daydream and seem to be miles away lost in thought. Teachers assume they have poorer academic skills than they do because even though they talk a lot, they have difficulty standing up for themselves and tend away from arguments.

80-85% of the diagnosis of ADHD is often presented as depression. Self-worth and self-esteem plummet due to inability to achieve their perceived need for perfection. This also results in a high level on anxiety.


If you feel you are ADHD, take a few minutes per day to Breath, Move and Hydrate. Breathing helps us re-center and calm the brain. Moving helps us to feel like we are achieving our goals. And water helps the brain to achieve optimal functioning.

If you feel like this could be you or your child, contact a primary care doctor, therapist or psychiatrist for treatment options.

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