For two years I struggled with getting my son the services and treatment he deserved through the special education program at his school. There were nights full of tears and anger. There was a time Jesse would come home crying saying he wished he was dead because no one understood him (he was 5 when he said that). Last year things were only getting worse. He had some amazing teacher but still wasn’t getting the help he needed and his IEP was garbage. Then I was told my child was physically lost at the school and I had reached a breaking point. I reached out to Michelle Ladd for help. With her many years experience as a special education teacher and her masters I hoped she could help. She didn’t just give me some advice and move on she changed my sons life! She sat down with me at my home and went page by page through the old IEP and wrote notes and made changes. She gave me the strength and courage to get my son the services he needed. Because of the help she gave me my son now receives speech therapy after two years of fighting for it. We are also getting in home training and his minutes for assistants increased dramatically! Michelle is an amazing advocate and I definitely recommend her to anyone that is struggling with the special education program. – Libby